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Proton Innovation "The rainmakers"

Why Proton - The name was given to the company by a successful ICT business leader in Singapore 18 years ago.
His simple statement - "Proton - positively charged - the opposite to negative "We have been making it happen for companies
all over the world since then!

Welcome to Proton Innovation

For the last 22 years Proton has successfully helped companies commercialize their technologies globally. Proton has also undertaken successful business transformation, technology development, and turn-around activities in companies located in Europe, the USA and Australia. Our clients includes major financial institutions,  mining companies, telco's, start ups,  and establised companies looking to pivot, exit or grow.  We provide guidance and expertise in product development, investment readiness, pricing strategies,  commercialisation, business/strategic planning, exit management.   Our clientelle span mulitple technology sectors from fin-tech, clean tech, mar-tech, bio-tech, IoT, ITS and more.      Proton is NOT a group of consultants who have never run a business in their lives. The Proton team have been there, done that, run their own start ups, developed technologies, commercialised them, managed the projects, built the strategies that work, and engineered succesful exits.           Not just in Australia. globally                                                                            

Having innovative solutions is one thing, being able to quickly and efficiently commercialise them in the right markets for the right value to make YOU a sucess is our skill set!